Relax & access your subconscious mind to change habits, resolve trauma & release stress

Experience the ancient natural healing energy of Reiki, and learn how to heal yourself & others

Learn to access the deep stillness within you, to immerse yourself in it, becoming centred & revitalised

Talk about a problem, pinpoint what hurts, put it in perspective, see your way through it and move forward

Boost your immune system and clear blockages in your lymphatic system using the Light Beam Generator 

Discover the amazing benefits of Pure Gold high quality broad-spectrum filtered CBD hemp oil

Wellbeing Consultancy – We care about your wellbeing

I’m Christine Green and I created Wellbeing Consultancy over twenty years ago to help bring out the best in you. My greatest joy in life is in teaching people how to be happier, more successful and more fulfilled.

Wellbeing consultancy is a small business dedicated to seeing people like you thrive. We’ve trained in many different disciplines and created many of our own processes to give us the best tools to help you come to terms with your past experiences (whatever they’ve been) and have a better quality of life now. We seek to help you believe in the power of you and of your subconscious mind to resolve whatever needs to be resolved for the improvement of your wellbeing.

At Wellbeing Consultancy, we believe that with the right help, the right tools and the right understanding and kindness, we can help you use your subconscious mind to put things right for you.