Unfortunately as this Service can only be delivered with personal contact, we are unable to offer Light Beam Generator sessions at the moment. We look forward to resuming normal service as soon as the current restrictions no longer apply.

People with oedema (swelling) and other health issues could benefit from improved lymph flow. Wellbeing Consultancy has been successfully offering lymphatic drainage in Basingstoke using the Light Beam Generator for over ten years. Should you have any questions about whether we can help you, please do not hesitate to call.

(Note: The Light Beam Generator is not suitable for use by anyone with implanted medical devices such as pacemakers, pregnant women, epileptics, anyone suffering from thrombosis, or anyone taking blood-thinning medications such as Warfarin.)

Light Beam Generator

Light Beam Generator

The Light Beam Generator can be a valuable tool for restoring proper functioning of the body’s lymphatic and immune systems, and in reducing or eliminating oedema (reportedly decongesting up to five times faster than normal manual lymphatic drainage techniques).

Molecules have an electromagnetic charge which either binds them together or keeps them apart. The Light Beam Generator uses extremely low-energy cold-gas light photons to re-balance the electrical charges in clumped molecules, separating them from each other and from their accumulated fluids.

The result is that oedema, tumour masses and other blockages can be dispersed, often rapidly and completely.

The cold-gas light photons and extremely low-energy electromagnetic frequency patterns emitted by the Light Beam Generator penetrate deeply into the body, enabling the body to rid itself of inflammation, swelling, abnormal growths and other lymph blockages more thoroughly and efficiently than manual lymphatic drainage techniques.

As improvements in lymph flow are progressive, it is recommended that an extended course of treatment is undertaken. As each person is an individual and will respond individually, it is not possible to say in advance how many treatments may be necessary.

However, most people should expect to see noticeable improvements after four weekly sessions. Additional maintenance sessions may be required to maintain improvements.

Other Conditions

Significant improvements in symptom reduction have been obtained using the Light Beam Generator in a wide range of conditions, including pain (soft tissue or congestion due to injuries), sciatica, PMS and inflammation, gastro-intestinal inflammation, acne and skin problems, allergies, bursitis (joint pain), fibromyalgia (muscle pain), oedema and cellulitis, and respiratory ailments.

The Light Beam Generator has been used for clients with prostate enlargement, mastodynia (breast tension/pain), headaches, auto-immune conditions (such as mucous membrane pemphigoid) and also pre- and post-operatively in surgery.

In all cases, the improvement is due to the Light Beam Generator’s ability to improve lymph flow, while enhancing delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to the bloodstream.

(Note: No claims are made about the usefulness of the Light Beam Generator for treating specific diseases or medical conditions.)