What is meditation?

Meditation is a discipline which you can use to clear your surface thoughts and access the part of your mind where there’s always peace. Some people feel disconnected from this state of peace because they never stop thinking and doing.

There are different types of meditation, but the purpose is the same – to still the mind by focussing on something other than your usual thoughts.

What benefits will I get from stilling my mind?

The benefits of meditation, of stilling the mind, are many and come from the repeated practice of meditation.

When you achieve a meditative state, you’ll notice that you feel less tired and stressed than you did before you meditated. You’ll also notice that you stop thinking about mundane things.

Once you’ve learned to achieve this state of meditation and you continue to meditate every day for weeks, months and years, you’ll achieve a state of peace and happiness not previously available to you. A long-term habit of meditation is deeply nourishing. It can have a profoundly transformative effect and can lead to a new understanding of life.

A side-effect of meditation is that you raise your energy vibration, meaning that you exude vitality. In a world full of people who are depleted of energy, you become attractive. Your habit of meditation can cause you to become a magnet for what you want.

Another side-effect of meditation over a period of time is that you learn to observe your thoughts without judging yourself for thinking them. This in turn can lead to a better understanding of yourself and more tolerance of others.

Can everyone meditate?

Anyone who’s prepared to put in the time on a regular basis can learn to meditate. It’s like swimming – if you practice with the right instruction, anyone can swim. Practice the art of meditation and it will become more and more satisfying for you.

What’s it like to learn to meditate?

It’s simple. You sit quietly and comfortably while you’re given some easy-to-follow instructions. At first your mind will wander – you may start thinking about shopping or planning, and that’s fine. When you notice yourself doing that, you just gently bring your attention back to the instructions.

In about six sessions most people experience a shift in concentration which feels different from their normal thinking. For some it’s less, for others a little more.

Why do people meditate together?

People meditate together because it’s easier to get into a meditative state when others are doing it around you. It’s as if the concentration of others helps yours.

How do I join a Meditation Group?

It’s simple – just call 01256 473420 or text 07961 935845 and ask to join the Meditation Group. Our Meditation Group meets on alternate Monday evenings at 18:00 at 8 Winchester Street, Basingstoke.

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