We’re always pleased and delighted when our clients take the time to acknowledge and share their success stories with us, not least because by doing so they can help other people with their decision to also come to use for help. Please Contact Us free on 0800 298 0601 for more success stories, more information about our services, or to book your first session.

‘Nigel, I want to thank you for the kind and sensitive way you handled me when I was in such distress. You really are the gentlest and kindest person to talk to when everything falls apart.”


Leamington Spa

Nikki came to Wellbeing Consultancy in a very anxious state. Many things weren’t working for her, and she had very little motivation. she says:

“I had one session with Christine. I was astounded by the change in me! I have my motivation back – I just choose to get up and get on with it. Also, I haven’t risen to the bait since that session. I haven’t felt this good in years”



“Dear Nigel, thanks for your help. The sessions really helped me focus and achieve what I wanted to do. I also found the tape you made for me so helpful, and I’ve listened to it often that I’ve worn it out! Please could I have another copy, this time in digital format or on CD?”



“I’ve had an amazing transformational experience. Christine’s work is cutting edge. Not only does she live her ‘theory’ in practice, she creates a safe sacred space in which anyone can come and transform their life. I’ve found her work to be very accessible, so anyone can leave with tools they can use in their everyday life. You physically and mentally feel like you’ve cleansed – in a way, like shedding an old skin”



“I cannot thank you enough for facilitating Thursday. You asked the perfect questions, gave brilliant guidance, light bulbs were going off in my head. I now feel positive about the separation and hopeful about the future”



“Thank you for your comprehensive assessment of the situation Christine, you are so right and perceptive. I think I’m dealing with things better since talking it through with you”