As the government’s Covid-19 regulations mean we can’t meet with you or run our classes, courses or groups in person, all our events have moved online. We’re offering hypnotherapy and inspirational counselling sessions via Zoom, WhatsApp or telephone and remote Reiki healing if you need it. We’re also teaching self-hypnosis classes online.

This is a temporary restriction and we’ll resume our normal schedule as soon as possible.

If you’re experiencing difficulties at the moment, feeling uncomfortable, stuck, frustrated or stir-crazy, we can help you pinpoint what’s actually bothering you and perk you back up.

For more information please visit our Services page or call 01256 473420 for an informal chat.

We have several classes and courses going on throughout the year. For detailed information please follow the links below:

For details on Hypnotherapy Training Courses please contact us.

For Self Hypnosis Classes please check here.

For our Reiki Exchange and Reiki Courses please  contact us.

We also attend a number of public events such as Shows, Fetes and Exhibitions. We’ll list upcoming events here.