With the help of my Business Partner, Nigel Skinner, and my PA, Fiona Atherton, I’ve created ‘The Art of Right Questioning’ – a system for helping people to understand their behaviour better and to be more responsible for their unconscious motives.

People say about it, ‘Christine swallowed a degree in Psychology and spat it out in a series of diagrams’. They also say that it helps them to deconstruct and detach from the unconscious beliefs and attachments which hold them back. They say that I’m a good observer with a gift for putting concepts into pictures and for telling stories which show people how to understand how they work, and what they can do to improve their situation.

Through the many hours I’ve spent with clients, helping them to come to terms with the things which upset them, I’ve also developed what I call ‘Forensic Tapping’. This is a method which uses tapping to find and remove emotional blocks.

To help people with their growth, I teach them a way of looking at things which enables them to learn about what they didn’t know was causing them a problem. I teach them to see everything that happens to them in life as a situation which can be turned to their advantage.

People come to learn personal growth with me through several routes – some as clients, others to learn Reiki, and others just meet me and want to get to know me. People also come to our Self Hypnosis classes, our Reiki Exchange and our talking groups. If you too decide to come – whichever route you choose – I look forward to meeting you and sharing your journey with you.

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