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Inspirational Counselling

Why would you come to me for Inspirational Counselling? It's because of what people say when they come and see me!


Its humbling how much people respect me as a Counsellor. They say that I'm irreplaceable, and that they get light bulb moments when I work with them.  They say that I ask the perfect questions, give brilliant guidance and give them hope.


These are people who've been at loggerheads and who, because of time spent with me, have saved a marriage on the rocks, or people with massive animosity between them who need to split and yet, through working with me, have been able to separate as great friends.


They're people who've been unable to do things for a lifetime and who, because of me, get to do them. They're people who need someone who can see the best in them when the rest of the world can't and who, because of me, and against the odds develop powerful self-belief.


They're people who couldn't see a way forward and who, because of me, now can.

It's a combination of things which makes me so good at what I do. It’s the years I've spent as a hypnotherapist, working with people's traumas and hidden motives; it’s the years I've spent as a healer, working with people's emotions; it’s the diagrams I've designed to help people understand and upgrade what's going on in their subconscious mind; it’s the time I've spent working on myself, getting to the root cause of things I've wanted to change about the way I used to behave.

What this means to you is that, no matter what's going on with you, I have the tools to help you get to grips with it. Being able to put things right for yourself is far easier when you can also take your unconscious motives into account and when you understand the mechanics of the mind.

Even if your situation is very different from those I've described, if you'd like to turn your life around and get back up on your feet, I can help. Contact me.

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