Getting the help, you need today.

In these challenging times, Inspirational Counselling may be just what you need to help you though.

At the moment our minds are very still. No-one knows what the future holds. It’s at times like these that our subconscious thoughts bubble to the surface. People aren’t aware of them normally, and it’s easy to mistake those thoughts and feeling as a fitting response to the current situation.

When people work with me, what they find is that there’s a history exacerbating their experience. This could be of pure boredom; it could be fear, it could be frustration, it could be not knowing what to do, it could be loneliness.

Whatever it is, laying to rest the history that it’s reminding you of will make you feel so much better, and I have the tools to help you do this.

Sometimes being cooped up with the same people when you’re used to going out and about can cause snappiness, and arguments can blow up out of nowhere.

Just naming the experience for what it is and being clear about how it makes you feel can make a huge difference, especially when you discover that it isn’t quite what it seems.

Whatever the discomfort is, I can help you to lessen it and to cope better.

I’m currently working with people over the phone, by WhatsApp video call and by Zoom, and it’s surprising how comfortable people can feel working this way.

Also, because times are hard for everyone, for the next three weeks if you need my help, I’m happy to give it to you for whatever you want to pay me.