I began my journey of becoming a therapist by doing Personal Growth courses. From the age of 16 until I was 30 I did many, including spending a lot of time with Landmark Education. They helped me to understand me, and therefore other people.

Next, I trained as a Reiki Teacher and have helped many hundreds of people. Today, I’m a Reiki Master Teacher and I still do Reiki for people, attune them to the Reiki energy and teach them to use Reiki to help themselves and others.

I then trained as a hypnotherapist, with some of the world’s best teachers. I have qualifications from the Atkinson-Ball School of Hypnotherapy (founded by Bill Atkinson-Ball, also famous for his hypnoses-healing), from Valerie Austin’s Austin Training (Valerie being known for her Austin Technique and recognised for her contribution to Malaysia by successfully stopping so many people there from smoking), and in Brandon Bay’s Journey Process (Brandon is famous for her forgiveness process which has helped people to come to terms with terrible atrocities). As well as being a practicing hypnotherapist, I’m also a Certified Hypnotherapist Trainer.

I’ve also completed famous Success Coach Anthony Robbins’ Life University program.

I continue to do hours and hours of continuing education every year, with some of the world’s best trainers, including Gil Boyne (awarded the ‘Man of the Century Award’ for his outstanding contribution to the profession of hypnotherapy in America), Michael Carrol, Sid Jacobson, Brian Jacobs, Joseph Riggio (who works with Richard Bandler, famous for Neuro Linguistic Programming), and many others.